Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Damn you, chocolate easter eggs, damn you.                     I thought I'd treat myself - have a couple that were offered in a colleague's office. creamy chocolately good.  BUT...over the next couple of days my sugar cravings returned with a vengeance!!  Ate more eggs and then I was craving donuts.  Craving Culver's frozen custard.  Craving...gasp....McDonald's fries!
I'm going to admit it.  I gave into those cravings over the course of this week. Yes - I ate a donut.  I ate Culver's frozen custard (butterfinger pecan in case you wanted to know). Unfortunately the frozen custard and donuts were delightful...:-(    Last night....I stopped at McD's and had a small bag of french fries on the way home from work.  A treat, I told myself.  You've been working too hard.

Then I regained consciousness.  The fries were HORRIBLE.  Of course, they always had been.  Half of me is glad that I ate them to remind me of what "fake-food" is really like.  I was sick to my stomach all night - skipped dinner.  What a great wake-up call!

Today is a new day.  Today I start all over again eating real food, staying away from sugar and grains, and not giving into my cravings.  Interestingly, after last night's nauseous belly, my cravings have gone away for now.  Perhaps I should have had the fries before the frozen custard and donut??