Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kitchen Gadget of the Month: March edition (and February)

I started posting my kitchen gadget of the month in January with the expectation that I would continue to post one each month.  Then came February and, well, oops.

So you're getting two today!  These two gadgets are both mentioned in my last blog post - Easter, 2013.

Norpro 775 Spice Grinder 
First is a handy-dandy spice grinder.  I use mine ONLY for nutmeg.  I love nutmeg!!  I use in along with cinnamon in my baking, I'll add a little to certain cream sauces - like alfredo sauce.  But I really love in my latte's!  This spice grinder is perfect for shaving off little specs of nutmeg deliciousness.  The best part is that it also doubles as a nutmeg holder.  Get your own at my amazon store by clicking here.

 Second fav gadget:  steamer basket.  I love steaming veggies.  I really try to not microwave food anymore than I have to - I have read how the microwaves actually destroy the nutrients in your food and even change its molecular structure (I'll read up more and post about this sometime in the future).  I particularly remember reading that if you microwaved regular tap water, let it cool, and then water your plants with it, the plants would die.  I think I might experiment this this theory too.

Progressive International 9-Inch Easy Reach Stainless Steel Steamer BasketBut I digress..back to steamer baskets.  Have you priced a regular steaming sauce pan lately??  Amazon sells one from Norpro - a 1quart steamer saucepan with lid for nearly $30!  Instead, just get a steamer basket for less than $10 and turn any saucepan with a lid that you already have into steaming sauce pan.  I have this one on my amazon store as well - click here to find it.

Whew!  I think I'm caught up now!  Stay tuned for more gadgets to come!

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