Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fabulous Olive Oil

I truly have a wonderful, supportive husband.  Not only does he go along with all of my changes in the types of foods we eat (and does so willingly), but he sends me links to topics he thinks would work well on this blog.  This past week he has sent me two links to blogs about the benefits of Olive Oil.

Everyone by now has heard that Olive Oil is good for your heart.  It appears its wonders go far beyond that.  I have listed several links below to other sites/wikis/blogs that are a worth a look.  Then when you're done reading, stop over to my Amazon Store and pick up a bottle of this liquid gold.  

My brother (who is a fab cook) always told me that the most important factor in purchasing Olive Oil is to find one that is grown and produced from just one country.  Spain, Greece and Italy are all top producers of Olive Oil.  Look on the back of the label and make sure only one country is listed.  Most of the cheaper quality oils will list two or three countries on their labels.   Choosing an Olive Oil from one country, better yet one producer, will yield the best tasting oil - not a watered down mix.

California is an up-and-coming region for producing top quality Olive Oil because its climate is similar to the Mediterranean.   I just ordered a bottle from a California producer - Baja PreciousBaja Precious is a very "earth-friendly" company which bottles their oil in BPA-free, 100% recyclable, bottles that have the UV and oxygen barriers equivalent to glass bottles.  Another plus is the can get a 750ml bottle (this is the size of a bottle of wine) for $9.99.  I've even heard that Rick Bayless recommends this oil.  I'll post later when I actually try it.  (UPDATE:  Click here for the verdict.)  Click here to try a bottle yourself!

OK...on to the links (with thanks again to my sweetie):

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